Building my home-lab with docker-swarm/kubernetes — Part 1

How it started?

Sometime last year I started collecting old hardware to build a lab setup where I can experiment with multiple tools without paying a premium to the cloud providers. I realised that the processors on our old laptops/PCs are quite capable these days and rather than throwing them out in trash we can use them for many meaningful things. So I set out to collecting hardware which looked like trash to others and started setting them up in my bedroom (literally) to run containers.

(UPDATE: I ended up choosing Kubernetes in the end) Before we go any further I would like to clarify why I have picked up docker-swarm for this? My initial hunch was to go with “Kubernetes”. I have a EKS cluster on AWS which I use for running production workloads and I love it. Still, I believe that Kubernetes is a hammer and if you are too much involved with a hammer everything you come across will look like a nail.

What I am trying to do?

Where I am right now?

As of now I have following hardware with me for my lab

Out of these 4, I am currently using only two because I’m too lazy to setup the remaining 2 right now — but hopefully they’ll be up and running very soon in future.

Overall Plan

Phase 1 Goals

Phase 2 Goals

Phase 3 Goals

Phase 4 Goals

By this time I should have a basic foundation ready. I have tons of ideas in my mind about it but nothing concrete that I can write about as of now.

Looking forward to publishing a blog in this series every week!


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